Commander- Lieutenant Bill Jackson

Driver- Sergeant Albert Wu

Gunner- Corporal Eliah Gordon

Radio Operator- Sergeant Mara Baxter


Breeding PitEdit

The APC callsign "Atlas" was part of a LegoLand Army Operation to secure and hold on to the Lego CIty center, while the citizens of LegoLand were being evacuated. During the evacuation, ADU launched a attack on a Alien Breeding pit, one of the ADU Agent ordered a airstrike that ended in the crash of one pilot, and the death of another, though in the objective was considered a success since the target, a large group of alien soldiers, were eliminated. ADU then ordered a APC to divert to pick up a medical team and then head to await ADU forces to bring the pilot to the extration point. Callsign "Atlas" was the APC that the LegoLand Army sent for the rescue.

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